Forest Manicure &
Pedicure Therapies

Are your hands & feet tired & stress? Let's reconnect with Mother Nature and her miracle gifts with the fusion of natural flowers, herbs from tropical forests.  Get ready to be in exquisite Forest therapies that can bring you Heaven on Earth. 

Polish Center

Give yourself all the good vibes in Forest Polish center. Full color ranges & inspiring shades are carefully selected to make you as brilliant as dreaming Muses. All nails are crazy-shining, artistic and last for weeks without chips.

Hello Beautiful! Come on in!

A lot of irresistible offers are waiting for you at green Forest. Pay us a visit and make yourself the Forest Queen.

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Eminent care of your nails

Finest quality products

We use strict protocols for sourcing.

We uphold high standards in

product quality and for your beauty

& your health.

We work with trusted brands &

carefully consider the

effectiveness of every ingredients that may bring to your nails & skin.

Ultimate Cleanliness

No shortcut of sanitation process. 

We utilize single-use bowl liner.

We go above and beyond to comply with latest stringent IMC codes.

Cleanliness & freshness are our No.1  importances to bring you the greatest "Pleasure of Forest" as enjoy as ever.

High Art of Nails

We go beyond what meets the eyes to make beautifully designed nails that our customers can be

proud to own

Our experts with their talents &

their sophisticated care definitely bring you full peace of mind. 

"Beauty comes from the inside. Inside... the Forest Nails & Spa"

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